2010 – Hautepierre tu l’aimes ou tu la kiffes!

/ temps fort – exhibition 2010

Hautepierre tu l’aime ou tu la kiffe: description

« Hautepierre tu l’aime ou tu la kiffes!» exhibition was an occasion of celebrating altogether, proposing a cultural popular and festal scheduling. Talk about events in order to define the cultural season in Hautepierre.

This event has been an opportunity to create a platform between the residents, district and external associative partners, through their participation and the realization of the “conviviality space”.

Cet événement a été l’occasion de créer le lien entre les habitants, les partenaires associatifs
du quartier et extérieurs, à travers leur participation à l’animation, et la matérialisation du
« conviviality space ».

It allowed the opening of the theatre of Hautepierre, mostly unknown by the majority of the residents of the district.

At the moment of his creation, it was a matter of highlighting an innovative architectural and urban project. Currently undergoing renovation, its aim is reflected in an historical context through maps and photographic archives exhibitions.

It is a question of demonstrating the context relating to the 60’s and 70’s project that makes appear a building up based on innovative and utopian ideas, but also to become aware of the history of the district in relation with associations and inhabitants today’s experiences.

There was also the need of going beyond the cliché of a “hot” neighborhood and exhibit the revealed imaginaries through activities conducted during these last 2 years. Through residents’ words and stories, in order to emphasize their culture , we wanted to highlight their plastic works, leaded in cooperation with the HTP40 team.

We wanted to report the transdisciplinary concept that establishes a cultural mixture, thanks to the meeting of creativity and heritages among the district.

Finally, working on the links between the city centre and Hautepierre in order to show these materials out of the district. Perpetuating this experience through its external communication.

A two stages meeting:

From the 10th to the 20th of December 2010, Horizome association team has proposed a two stages exhibition/meeting, inside the theatre of Hautepierre.

Conviviality space




Hautepierre ou tu l’aime ou tu la kiffe: Exhibition

Time 2: from 16th to 20th of December

Opening of the exhibition in the performance hall of the theatre

Exposed materials:


HTP3D, a multimedia model of Hautepierre
Grégoire Zabé, Alexandre Toure & Edwina Hoël

Words of Hautepierre in 3D
Pauline Gaucher, Grégoire Zabé &Thuc Hyung


Memories and Identity of the district
Benoît de Carpentier

Panoramic photography
Dominique Pichard

Performances post cards
According to the activities of Sébastien Perruche, Cornélia Schneider, Edwina Hoël, Hyeyoung Yun, Marguerite Bobey, Ahmed

Lalmi & Michèle Gostiau


Resources centre/Arts, anthropology, architecture-urbanism
Hautepierre-World, design/mobility card
Barbara Morovich, Pauline Gaucher & Matar Niang

Areas to urbanize as a priority of STRASBOURG-HAUTEPIERRE
Research and plan illustrations, Pierre Vivien (June 1967)


Mailles Stories Exhibition, 40 years of artistic and cultural life in Hautepierre,
Photographic archives exhibition, 2009 gathered by Hélène Bootz

Urban Enchantment project
Residents’ dreams, Horizome 2010

Instead of, poetry
Public request of the city of Strasbourg, Horizome 2010


Mailles story
Videos, points of view on urban renewal, Marguerite Bobey & Edwina Hoël

Hautepierre represents ! & Vidéo MIX Ton Espace

Video workshops, and research on public space with Truffaut high school
Ahmed Matar
Documentary videos, stories about residents’ lives, Barbara Morovich, Matar Niang

Ahmed Lalmi et Gaëlle Lucas


Presence and performances of the performing artist Sébastien Perruche



Partnership organizes events in the hall of the theatre

11.12: circus arts presentation: contemporary circus show , “La Scabreuse” company, presented by “les Migrateurs” , circus arts associated- in-residence at Hautepierre.
13.12 jam session: circus and dance experience workshops, proposed by the company “la Scabreuse”, in-residence at Hautepierre.
16.12: break-dance battle (hip hop dance): the Hautepierre B-boys (weekly training at the Galet csc) invites dance duos to set a challenge on the dance floor. 2 djs one of which from the district will swing their music.
17.12: Cinema: Charlie and the chocolate factory projection by the Jeep team






Leaded in tour by Hautepierre associations

In the Hall of the Theatre (former Maillon)

Reception by partner associations in the Hautepierre Hall Theatre:

• 10.12 > 14.12 : outside activities in partnership with Arachnima association
• 10.12 : Calcutta Espoir
• 11.12 : Pelpass and Butane Collective
• 13.12 : CSC Le Galet, AMAM, the Youth Center , Eco-counsel, Jardins de nos Rêves
• 14.12 : UFCS (Social and Civic Feminine Union)
• 15.12 : Crèche familiale, CIR (Centre d’Insertion des Réfugiés) et Avicenne
• 16.12 : CSC Le Galet
• 17.12 : JEEP (Jeunes Équipes d’Education Populaire)

Some testimonies:


“Life is populated by feelings that even the reason wasn’t able to fill our wishes. Thus, the Being that dozes in ourselves could wake up in every moment “.


“The place is nice, Hautepierre….So cool!”


“It’s fantastic!”


“It’s really nice what you have done for young people”

Raya Gustafson, educator in Jeep association

“It was a highlight for young people who were present. About twenty of went by regularly. The Conviviality Space creates an opening for the visit of the exhibition. The elements of the exhibition were easy to understand (example: videos). The exhibition is a place where is possible to walk around and stroll about. Thanks to this event, Jeep association could establish a connection with the relatives. The place has been well invested. Little associations were able to take up space (prendre place?) (example: UFCS). Making of Hautepierre a central theme is interesting and rare for residents of this district”.

Mariem Chemlali, adult-intermediary for Avicenne association, resident of Hautepierre.

“Nothing had been done for the associations. If the weather would have been better, more people would have come. More festal activities should have been organized outside to attract more people. Horizome could not enjoy enough the external spaces. But people want to go back home if it’s too cold. The theatre of Hautepierre, right next to Auchan, is not so well located for an event close to the end of the year celebrations. People come here for doing their shopping. It’s impossible to organize a perfect exhibition. But it’s a pleasure to finally see a lively place here. Beforehand this place exited without existing. In some ways, the theatre of Hautepierre, at the time when it was called the Maillon, was unattainable, people could not afford the budget of performances. A Long-term work that affected people. Even frequenters came to the exhibition regularly. The exhibition was able to gather lot of associations.